Brand Style Guide

In my capstone course for my professional writing minor, I made a brand style guide. This allowed me to not only become familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator, but it also allowed me to dip my toes into so many different facets of multimedia design: typography, color, layout, distinctive features, logos, and imagery. Through this project, I learned that I love the challenge of finding distinct visual elements that create one cohesive design.

My logo

The logo I designed for my personal brand is one of my greatest design accomplishments. While designing the first drafts of the logo, I knew I wanted something that visually connoted simple and effortless. Although I knew generally what I wanted, it took many many drafts to get to something I was happy with. The final version of the logo conveys a sure sense of simplicity by utilizing the natural strokes of the S and the R to dictate their intersection.

Multimedia Reflection Essay

In my first design class, the professor always assigned reflection essays along with our design assignment. These assignments gave me the room to explore and think through every design choice: to understand why a design “worked.” This essay was a reflection piece I did on my collection of poster designs inspired by the masks worn during the pandemic.

Posters & Infographics

The following are a variety of multimedia samples from my design classes and work experiences.