UCSB Sleep Challenge

UCSB Department of Health and Wellness

sleep challenge logoThe UCSB Sleep Challenge is a comprehensive sleep education program for college students. It is also the largest online event at the Department of Health & Wellness, serving approximately 150 students every quarter. For two years, I led the project to redesign the challenge by acting as the program manager. The redesign included increased educational modules from 7 to 18, which required researching and summarizing peer-reviewed sleep research in an engaging manner. Additionally, I developed an extensive feedback system - a more than 90% expansion in feedback opportunities for students - and project managed the creation of 7 animation videos to grow the multimedia content per student requests. Despite website limitations, I was able to create an infrastructure to track students' progress throughout the challenge as well as to measure key change variables with the use of psychometrically valid psychological scales with Qualtrics surveys; this infrastructure enabled the department to conduct IRB approved research on the efficacy of the sleep challenge in changing college students’ sleep attitudes and behaviors. Furthermore, the marketing strategies I assisted in designing for the UCSB Sleep Challenge led to 3 most viewed posts for a quarter on the department’s social media. See my recommendations on LinkedIn for more information on my work on this project.

Core Project Skills: organization, efficient communication, timeline creations and implementation, cross-functional work with marketing and technical teams, analyzing and creating plan based on qualitative and quantitative feedback

Restructuring Scheduling Operations

UCSB Department of Health and Wellness

 scheduling image As a lead intern for the department, a large part of my responsibilities involve scheduling a group of 14 interns for different events. I saw the opportunity to increase scheduling efficiency by shifting the platform we used to schedule. I decided to create a pitch for the department director on why this shift would help the department; the pitch included feedback data from the interns, a detailed plan on every facet of the proposed scheduling system, and a training on the proposed system for staff and interns. The pitch was successful! Throughout the last quarter, I have trained both staff and interns on the new scheduling system, created expectation checklists, and monitored and addressed setbacks. I will end the quarter by sending out a new feedback form to formally assess the success of the scheduling system.

Project Skills: organization, efficient communication, timeline creation and implementation, cross-functional work with marketing and technical teams, analyzing and creating a plan based on qualitative and quantitative feedback

RealTime Smartphone App Buisness Proposal

Business and Administrative Writing Course

realtime logoFor my professional writing minor, I took a course in Business and Administrative writing. The class largely revolved around a capstone project: to create a business proposal for a smartphone app. I volunteered to be a team lead and recruited my team members based on the pitches they wrote for the class. As the team lead, I set up weekly meetings and deadlines to ensure that the project would be completed before the due date. Because the class occurred during the pandemic, I had to juggle many team absences and different time zones; I mitigated the negative impact of these absences by taking meeting notes and sending them out to missing team members. In addition to my leadership role, I wrote the introduction and app overview sections of the business proposal based on feedback gathered from peers and research from credible sources. I also designed the logo and the business proposal itself. Ultimately, we earned an A for our project.

Project Skills: leadership, team management, monitoring progress, communication, creative thinking, professional design

Redesign of Internal Website

Coherent Inc.

html coding photo Throughout my summer internship at Coherent Inc. my main project was updating the Human Resources section of the company’s internal website used by 4,500+ employees. My goal was to improve the user experience by redesigning the pages and updating the content. I was able to complete this goal in a 2 ½ month time frame by scheduling meetings with multiple HR departments to discuss the content wanted for each page. Through this project, I learned how to effectively plan, communicate, and meet deadlines with teams in a professional setting as well as learn the basics of each department in Human Resources. I was able to apply and expand some of my basic HTML skills to de-bug certain pages and how they were displayed on certain browsers. Additionally, updating the website taught me how to present complex information in a way that is accessible, easy, and quick to understand no matter how much background a person has on the subject matter.

Project Skills: time management, improving user experience, increasing information accessibility, effective multimedia communication, self-starter, cross-functional collaboration