Academic Writing

The Effects of Priming Individualism and Collectivism on Social Support Seeking by Gender

library photoIn the last Psychological and Brain Sciences class of my undergraduate career, I took a laboratory class where we were responsible for conducting a psychology experiment. With the help of my group, I conducted a literature review, designed an experiment, researched validated scales, created the study using Qualtrics, recruited participants for our study, and wrote up my findings. I wrote this paper individually, although the research project was worked on with a group.

Grade = A

Gratitude’s Ability in Undoing Effects to a Stressor

generic research documentsIn my first psychology-focused research class, I was assigned to research and write a research proposal: I chose to write mine on how gratitude might be able to mitigate the effects of stress. This was my first time reading a large volume of research papers in a short period. From this project, I learned that the most important part of designing a research project - whether it be for academia or the professional world - is making sure you have data that details the problem you want to solve with your project. Without a clear understanding of the problem, how else are you going to solve it?

Grade = A

The Frontier Myth Lives on through Elite Universities’ Promise of Equity

ucsd libraryThe following essay is an opinion piece that I wrote at the height of the 2019 admission bribery scandal with the nation's elite. At the time, I was taking a class on Western films, and I quickly saw a correlation between the western frontier myth and the modern myth of universities being depicted in the scandal. With this piece, I hope my audience will question whether the promise of universities is a cultural myth or a reflection of reality.

Grade = A+

Creative Writing

Unmasking Birdman

Unmasking Birdman is a story inspired by when my father and I went to watch Birdman for the first time when I was 14. It is a story that paints the parallels between my own struggles and those of the main character in Birdman on transcending the need for others' validations.


Limeira is a stream of consciousness narrative that I wrote as a way to process the loss of my grandfather, and my inability to fly to Brazil to be with him in his final moments. This narrative grapples with the question of what a meaningful life looks like within the context of a bicultural family.

The Hollow Valley

The Hollow Valley is a reflective piece on growing up in Silicon Valley. It is inspired by the incredible poem Hollow Men by T.S. Elliot.

Below the Blankets of Blue

Below the Blankets of Blue was written for a class assignment where we had to write a poem as if we were Walt Whitman. In my work, I like to write about taking risks or leaps of faith because it is an area of life that I have always struggled with a bit more. Channeling Whitman's voice allowed me to access a new perspective on this theme.


Hollow is a story based on a difficult time in my life. I had gone through a major life transition, and I was struggling with who I was in my new surroundings. Writing this piece helped give me closure, and showed me that even your worst struggles can be transformed into some of your most beautiful writing pieces.